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Update On Dr. Kent Brantly & Nancy Writebol

Hero Dr. Kent Brantly is still in an isolation unit at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia but he gave a statement today to let everyone who where he stands in his fight against the deadly Ebola Virus.  It’s not surprise that Dr. Brantly, being a devout Christian, said that he is in a different location but his focus is still the same – to follow God.

hero Ebola doctor Kent Brantly

Here is Dr. Brantly’s statement in its entirety:

“I am writing this update from my isolation room at Emory University Hospital, where the doctors and nurses are providing the very best care possible. I am growing stronger every day, and I thank God for His mercy as I have wrestled with this terrible disease. I also want to extend my deep and sincere thanks to all of you who have been praying for my recovery as well as for Nancy and for the people of Liberia and West Africa.

“My wife Amber and I, along with our two children, did not move to Liberia for the specific purpose of fighting Ebola. We went to Liberia because we believe God called us to serve Him at ELWA Hospital.

“One thing I have learned is that following God often leads us to unexpected places. When Ebola spread into Liberia, my usual hospital work turned more and more toward treating the increasing number of Ebola patients. I held the hands of countless individuals as this terrible disease took their lives away from them. I witnessed the horror first-hand, and I can still remember every face and name.

“When I started feeling ill on that Wednesday morning, I immediately isolated myself until the test confirmed my diagnosis three days later. When the result was positive, I remember a deep sense of peace that was beyond all understanding. God was reminding me of what He had taught me years ago, that He will give me everything I need to be faithful to Him.

“Now it is two weeks later, and I am in a totally different setting. My focus, however, remains the same – to follow God. As you continue to pray for Nancy and me, yes, please pray for our recovery. More importantly, pray that we would be faithful to God’s call on our lives in these new circumstances.”

Our prayers continue to go out to Dr. Brantly, his loved ones and all those who are victims of this deadly Ebola outbreak.

Here’s an update on Nancy Writebol, the other American Ebola patient being treated at Emory University Hospital.

Ebola victim Nancy Writebol

Apparently Mrs. Writebol’s condition is at least slightly  improving, because her husband told reporters today that his wife was well enough to request a cup of Starbucks coffee.

Second American Ebola Victim Nancy Writebol Arrives in US

Nancy Writebol, the other American Ebola virus victim, arrived in Atlanta yesterday and was transported to Emory University Hospital by ambulance.  Unlike Dr. Kent Brantly who walked into the hospital on his own accord, Writebol was carried into the hospital on a stretcher by hospital workers wearing biohazard suits and protective gear.  Her condition has been described as weak but improving.

Writebol’s family had been thinking about funeral arrangements a week ago and now they are much more hopeful.  Her son Jeremy said, “We’re grateful to everyone who was joined us in praying for this moment.”  David Writebol, Nancy’s husband said her care in Liberia had been exceptional.  He said watching her care was “like watching the love of Christ take place right before your eyes.”

The family is hopeful not just that Nancy will survive but they are also hopeful that this entire incident will bring attention to West Africa and what is going on there.

Experimental Ebola Treatment Drug Zmapp

zmapp ebola virus treatment

Yesterday, the World Health Organization updated the Ebola Virus Outbreak death toll.  It has now increased to 887 deaths in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.  Over 1,600 people have now been infected with the Ebola Virus.

Since Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol were sent an experimental Ebola serum in Liberia there has been much speculation as to what the Ebola treatment drug was and where it came from.  Some of that information was finally revealed yesterday.  The drug is made in Owensboro, Kentucky in tobacco plants at Kentucky Bioprocessing, which is a subsidiary of Reynolds American Incorporated.  According to spokesman David Howard, “The plant serves like a photocopier and the drug is extracted from the plant.”  The serum was made by drug maker Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. of San Diego and that’s where its name Zmapp comes from.

The drug had never been tested on humans before, but drastic situations call for drastic measures and the decision was made to send the drug to Dr. Brantly and Nancy Writebol.  The purpose of Zmapp is to boost the immune system’s efforts to ward off Ebola.  Part of the drug is made using antibodies produced by lab animals exposed to parts of the Ebola virus.  Dr. Kent Brantly received one dose of Zmapp and Nancy Writebol received two doses of the serum.

It is unknown at this time is the Zmapp treatment worked as well as everyone had hoped.  The Ebola virus is a tricky disease and victims of Ebola tend to take swings in both directions.  One day they are much better and the next day they could be much worse.

There are no cures or vaccines for the Ebola virus.  In the past, Ebola virus survivors have survived on their own without the aid of special serums.  There is a lot of hope that Zmapp could play a big role in treating Ebola Virus patients in the future and testing on humans is expected to take place in the next several months.

Hero Ebola Doctor Kent Brantly’s Condition is Improving

According to the top U.S. health official Dr. Kent Brantly, hero doctor infected with the Ebola Virus, is improving.  Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the UDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control) was quoted as saying, “It’s encouraging that he seems to be improving – that’s really important – and we’re hoping he’ll continue to improve”.  Dr. Frieden went on to say that it was just too soon to predict whether or not Dr. Brantly’s condition would worsen or improve and whether or not he would be able to survive the Ebola virus infection.

Dr. Frieden also said the UDC will be sending fifty staff members to West Africa over the next month to give aid and try to stop the spread of the Ebola Virus and contain the outbreak.

Dr. Brantly’s wife and family want to thank everybody for their support and prayers.  They are confident he is getting the best treatment possible.  As with treating anyone infected with the Ebola Virus,  doctors will try to maintain Dr. Brantly’s blood pressure and support his breathing with a respirator if needed, or provide dialysis if he were to experience kidney failure, as some Ebola sufferers do.

Nancy Writebol, the 59 year old missionary who is the other American infected with the Ebola Virus, will be flown in to the Emory University Hospital later this week.  The medical plane transporting the Ebola victims is only equipped for one patient at a time.  We will continue to provide you with updates about Dr. Brantly, Nancy Writebol, and any updates on the Ebola Virus outbreak as information becomes available so check back often for breaking news.



Dr. Kent Brantly is First Ebola Patient to Arrive in US

There was some speculation as two which American Ebola patient would arrive first in the U.S. for Ebola treatment at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.  Those speculations were put to rest when news broke yesterday evening that the hero doctor, Kent Brantly, would be arriving first and missionary Nancy Writebol would be transferred later.

Dr. Brantly shocked everyone by being able to walk into the hospital and he is surprisingly in good enough condition to help doctors diagnose and treat his condition. He was even able to take a shower by himself.  According to family members, Kent Brantly asked to speak to his wife alone and then they had a call separated from each other by only a glass window.  Amber Brantly, Kent’s wife, said she was very optimistic about her husband’s recovery.

We will post more information about how Dr. Brantly is doing as well as new information about the transfer of Nancy Writebol when that information becomes available so be sure to check back here for updates.

Hero Dr. Infected With Ebola Performs Selfless Act

hero Ebola doctor Kent Brantly

Dr. Kent Brantly treated several Ebola Virus patients in Liberia before he discovered he was infected with the virus himself. Dr. Brantly then quarantined himself to protect others. An experimental serum was flown in to treat the virus but there was only enough serum for one person, so Dr. Brantly let the other infected American, Nancy Writebol have it. The latest news out of Liberia is that Dr. brantly has recently taken a slight turn for the worse but both Americans are considered to be in “stable, but grave condition”.

It has been reported that Dr. Brantly received blood from a 14 year old boy who was an Ebola survivor thanks to the are provided by Dr. Brantly. The boy’s family said Dr. Brantly had saved their son’s life and they wanted to do anything they could to help him in his own fight against the Ebola Virus.

According to reports earlier today, only one American at a time will be transported to the Emory University Hospital for treatment. It is currently unknown if that person will be Dr. Brantly or Nancy Writebol. There have been assumptions that the one selected first will depend on how strong they are and their comparative chance at survival. Check back here soon as we will be providing more Ebola Virus news and updates as the breaking news comes in.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to both Dr. Brantly and Nancy Writebol and their families as well as all of the other Ebola victims.

hero Ebola Doctor