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Ebola on a Carnival Cruise Ship?

A man has been quarantined aboard a Carnival Cruise ship in the Caribbean.  Apparently, a Texas hospital lab supervisor who may or may not have handled some fluid samples from Thomas Eric Duncan, (a man who died from Ebola), was vacationing aboard a Carnival Cruise ship and officials decided to quarantine him.  The man did not have direct contact with Duncan and he has not shown any symptoms of Ebola.

The quarantine measure is probably in response to public outrage that authorities haven’t been handling the Ebola issues properly.  Two nurses who cared for Duncan now have Ebola and one of them flew aboard a commercial jet to Cleveland.   Officials are now trying to take more proactive measures to make sure the deadly Ebola virus doesn’t continue to spread.   I can’t think of a much worse place to spread Ebola than on airplanes and cruise ships.