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Ebola Virus Pictures

Many people want to know what the Ebola Virus looks like, so here’s a microscopic view of an Ebola virus strain.

ebola virus strain

The initial symptoms of the Ebola Virus are very similar to symptoms of a common cold. But after a couple days victims can start getting more severe symptoms including skin rashes like this.

Ebola Virus rash

It is important for people to be aware and informed about the Ebola Virus outbreak and for them to know about the symptoms of the virus.

People are trying to educate others and warn them about the virus.

ebola virus warning

Ebola Virus awareness is extremely important in helping stop the spread of the virus.

ebola virus awareness

Educating people about what causes the virus and how it spreads is very important. Ebola is most commonly spread through bodily fluids and it can even spread after death.

Good hygiene and thoroughly washing your body aids in prevention of contracting the Ebola Virus.

ebola virus prevention

Here are some people being tested for the Ebola Virus.

testing for ebola virus

Catching the virus early gives people a chance at survival.

ebola virus patient

All caregivers can really do is give patients saline and fever reducing medicines while their bodies try to ward off the effects of the disease.

people with ebola virus

If the Ebola Virus is detected a quarantine usually ensues.

ebola virus quarantine

Once the later stages of the Ebola Virus start happening to a victim organ failure and hemorrhaging fever usually occur, killing the victim.

deadly ebola virus

Since the recent outbreak began there have been several cases, including one American case, where the virus was spread after the victim had died. An American who attended the funeral of someone with the virus died shortly after the funeral from Ebola virus he contracted while attending the funeral. When washing dead bodies and preparing for burial the virus can be spread.

Ebola Virus Symptoms

ebola virus symptoms

The Ebola Virus is very deadly and it kills most people who become infected with it. Currently the mortality rate stands at anywhere from 60% – 90% depending on the area.

If the virus is detected early enough there is hope for survival. The important thing is to recognize the signs and symptoms of the Ebola Virus when they start.

Ebola Virus Symptoms: Early Stages

    • headache
    • sore throat
    • fever
    • fatigue

Ebola Virus Symptoms: Later Stages

  • chronic abdominal pain
  • muscle aches
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • skin rashes
  • bleeding from the eyes

Ebola Virus Symptoms: Final Stages

  • blood clots and hemorrhaging
  • organ failure
  • hemorrhaging fever

ebola virus symptoms

By the time Ebola victims start experiencing the onset of the symptoms of the disease they are already contagious and can spread Ebola to other people. The incubation period varies with a wide range of anywhere from two days to three weeks. If you think you are experiencing the symptoms of the Ebola Virus you should get checked out immediately. Unfortunately, many people who have died from Ebola have ignored the early symptoms since they are so similar to the symptoms of the common cold.