Second American Ebola Victim Nancy Writebol Arrives in US

Nancy Writebol, the other American Ebola virus victim, arrived in Atlanta yesterday and was transported to Emory University Hospital by ambulance.  Unlike Dr. Kent Brantly who walked into the hospital on his own accord, Writebol was carried into the hospital on a stretcher by hospital workers wearing biohazard suits and protective gear.  Her condition has been described as weak but improving.

Writebol’s family had been thinking about funeral arrangements a week ago and now they are much more hopeful.  Her son Jeremy said, “We’re grateful to everyone who was joined us in praying for this moment.”  David Writebol, Nancy’s husband said her care in Liberia had been exceptional.  He said watching her care was “like watching the love of Christ take place right before your eyes.”

The family is hopeful not just that Nancy will survive but they are also hopeful that this entire incident will bring attention to West Africa and what is going on there.