Has Ebola Arrived in Canada?

Tests are being performed on a patient exhibiting the symptoms of the Ebola Virus in Brampton Civic Hospital in Ontario, Canada.  The patient who’s name and gender have not yet been revealed, was said to have recently traveled to Canada from Nigeria (a country with confirmed Ebola victims).

Dr. Graham Pollett is the interim Chief Medical Officer of Health.  According to Pollett, “Ontario’s health care system is prepared to respond should an individual arrive with symptoms that could suggest a disease, such as Ebola,  To date, there are no confirmed cases of Ebola in Ontario and the risk to Ontarians remains very low.”

With international travel it is likely inevitable that Ebola cases like this will continue to pop up all over the world.  The World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday that West Africa’s Ebola Virus epidemic was a global health emergency and could continue spreading for several months.   The current Ebola death toll stands at 932 deaths with over 1700 Ebola Virus infections.