Ebola Outbreak State of Emergency Declared By Nigeria

ebola virus state of emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today that the Ebola Virus Outbreak’s death toll in West Africa has now surpassed 900 deaths and currently sits at 932.  A nurse in Nigeria died from Ebola marking the second Ebola death in Nigeria.  The first Ebola death in Nigeria was Patrick Sawyer, a 40 year old American of Liberian decent who got sick while traveling to Nigeria on a business trip.  Both Ebola deaths in Nigeria occurred in Lagos, a mega city with a population of over 21 million people.  Because of the crowded population there are great concerns the virus could spread quickly if not contained.  Millions of people in Lagos live in cramped up conditions without plumbing or flushable toilets.  Signs have been posted throughout the city trying to warn people to not urinate in public spaces as that act of emitting bodily fluids could potentially spread the Ebola disease.

Just a couple hours ago, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf declared a state of emergency in Nigeria in a televised address to the nation.  Sirleaf said, “Ignorance and poverty, as well as entrenched religious and cultural practices, continue to exacerbate the spread of the disease”.  Nigerian officials have been moving quickly to obtain isolation tents to quarantine potentially infected people in anticipation of a further outbreak.